Additive Manufacturing Solutions

SENTESADDITIVE is brand of Sentes-BIR for its offerings in Additive Manufacturing. Parts & services of SENTESADDITIVE includes;​


Design & Engineering


Contract Manufacturing


Lab Services


Metal Powders

Industries served by SENTESADDITIVE are;
» Aerospace/Defence​
» Medical​

At SENTESADDITIVE we offer material expertise of powder production to newly developing AM technologies. Our aim is to support our customer from alloy development to part inspection, a vertically integrated partner for their Additive Manufacturing projects.​ Besides the general industries our concentration is medical and aerospace/defence, where highest standards are expected. ​

Aerospace / Defence

The aerospace industry is an early adopter of additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing technology offers various advantages to aerospace industry:​

  • Shorter development process and time to market: AM allows the rapid prototyping and conceptual design review and validation. Tooling manufacture can be skipped and one can go straight to finished parts. This enables engineers to test multiple configurations, find out customer preferences and minimize product-launch risk.​
  • Freedom to design complex geometries: AM gives rise to near-net shape parts and allows increasing design complexity without inflating manufacturing costs.​
  • Consolidate design and improve reliability: The higher design freedom allows decreasing the number of sub-components that compose system assemblies.​
  • Light-weight design to improve fuel efficiency: helps reduce weight of aerospace components by printing more efficient geometries, topologically optimized and lattice structures that carve out significant amounts of unnecessary material.​
  • Higher material efficiency reduces costs for certain components​.

Medical industry is already one of the largest users of additive manufacturing, where additive manufacturing’s advantages of complex part design freedom and personalisation can really be utilised. Major advantages of additive manufacturing technology to medical industry industry:​

  • Lattice structures can be easly produced with additive
    manufacturing, which can allow osteosynthesis (bone fixation) and accelerate the healing process.​
  • Manfuacturing of patient specific implants are at no additional cost.
  • Biocompatible materials like Titanium, Tantalum, CoCrMo is possible to use in additive manufacturing.

» Ti64​
» Ti64ELI​
» TiCP​

» IN625​
» IN718​
» IN939​
» HX​
» H230​

» F75


EOS M290 with OT​

Construction volume: 250×250×325 mm​
Material parameter sets: Titanium and
Nickel alloys​

Phenix PM100​

Construction volume: ø100×100 mm​
Material parameter set: Cobalt F75

Data preparation

Materalize Magic, Autodest Netfabb​

Vacuum Furnace​​

AMS 2750 Class 2 Type A ​
Workzone: 400×400×600 mm​
All metal hotzone​
Max Temp: 1250 ˚C​
Max Vacuum: 10-4 mbar​
Gas Quenching: 11 bars​

Wire EDM​​​

Workzone: 400×320×400 mm​
Cutting Speed: 160 mm²/min​


Vibratory finishing​

16 lt

Design and Analysis We offer ANSYS FAE and CFD analysis with our partners. We are developing internal expertise for additive manufacturing simulation.
Additive Manufacturing
Our target is to excel in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) of nickel, cobalt and titanium alloys. Our equipment is equipped with OT (optical tomography module) for process control.
Post Processing
For the post process of additive manufactured parts; heat treatment, wire erosion, sandblasting, shot peeling vibratory finishing and electropolishing process are used.
Quality & Inspenction
Our EOS M290 is equipped with OT (optical tomography) process control system. CMM and CT inspections are performed via our partners.
Powder Characterization & Metallurgical Lab
SENTESADDITIVE offers powder and metallurgical characterization lab services. Our lab takes part in ASTM Proficiency Testing Programs ​

* indicates tests made in partner laboratories​

PURESPHERE Powders for AM​

Standard alloy powders listed below are produced with gas atomising for Laser and Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF/EBPBF) and also Direct Energy Deposition (DED) Additive Manufacturing applicatios. We also supply customized alloys to our customers.​​